Instructional Strategies

Using a wide variety of instructional strategies aids in the different learning styles of students.  This demonstrates my ability to adapt to different needs of my students.


This is an image of students using centres for a lesson on the sense of smell.  The students had to go to each centre to guess which smell was at each station.

Resource Based Learning is a strategy that I used in the classroom to help students learn researching skills mainly on the computer.  My students were provided with the opportunity to go to the Resource Teacher and learn different strategies of navigating the computer and them presenting the material gained in a different class.

Group work is a strategy that I use quite often in my teaching.  There is the opportunity to work alone for those who gain more knowledge but to provide all opportunities for learning both group and individual work are provided.  If you take a look at both the plants unit and multicultural unit provided you will see the variety of instructional strategies used.  I believe in active learning which results in minimal “lecture” style lessons and focusing on student lead learning.

Smartboard technology has really allowed me to change different instructional practices.  I had the students learn from lessons on the Smartboard in Science, Math, Health, ELA, and Religion.  We had a Jeopardyreview that we did for a Magnets and Static Electricity unit which was very successful.


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