Summary of Learning

Final reflection:

As I mentioned in my summary of learning, I do NOT claim to be a singer.  This was just to find an entertaining way to summarize the semester.  I certainly have learned many new tools but I highlighted the ones that were the most meaningful to me.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and the dialogue between colleagues.  In the last couple of weeks, I have really engaged with Twitter and certainly become a bit more comfortable with it.  I have graduated from using post-it reminders to go on Twitter to thinking of different ways to use it.  This week I made a comment about Agribition and it was favourtied!  That was nice to see.  (All of you Twitter pros probably wouldn’t get as excited as I:) )

This certainly was not an easy task.  I was trying to manage my mouse, the recoding, reading/singing the song while looking at the screen and pressing the apporpriate pages.  It took time for sure.  I think the 3 minute video actually took an hour and half to do.  I had to start and stop…. rewind… delete…try again many times!  You can see my mouse highlight and the awkward pauses but some I was unable to delete or fix up.


Here is a link the the Google Document I used.  As I got a good idea for a lyric, I used my Google Drive app on my phone to write it down.  I used the syllabus to remind me of the weeks people presented, the actual lyrics of All about that Bass.

Google Docs


Music by:

The music I found on Youtube.  Credit to PiaknowItAll.  He created piano tutorial for popular songs.  I needed one without lyrics.


Anyway, here is the video.  Take it with a grain of salt.  Appreciate the humour… you are the only ones who can truly appreciate it.


Thanks for the view!



4 thoughts on “Summary of Learning

  1. Ok, clever wording indeed. And you can carry a tune. Nice. I thought of doing mine to Margaritaville, but #1- I can’t sing. And #2 – I can’t sing.

  2. Kenna,
    This is great – you took a leap and had some fun showing what you got out of class. It’s awesome to try something different and not keep things too serious because with all of us presenting summaries, it could get old after awhile if we all did the same thing! Google Drive on my phone has been great for me, too, because I find I think of things at the darndest times and now I can get them down in a way that will make sense later.

    Pleasure learning with you…again! 😉

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