Final reflection Major Project

Enjoy this last screencast!  To reiterate in simple words…. I LOVE classroom blogging.  I have enjoyed the increase in communication between parents, students, and myself.  I have a tendency to be long winded when I speak.  I edited it to make sense:)

My number one learning:  Things do not always go as planned and sometimes we forget to take pictures…. poor kindergarten’s.  Now, they are reminding me!  That is so helpful:)



Summary of Learning

Final reflection:

As I mentioned in my summary of learning, I do NOT claim to be a singer.  This was just to find an entertaining way to summarize the semester.  I certainly have learned many new tools but I highlighted the ones that were the most meaningful to me.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and the dialogue between colleagues.  In the last couple of weeks, I have really engaged with Twitter and certainly become a bit more comfortable with it.  I have graduated from using post-it reminders to go on Twitter to thinking of different ways to use it.  This week I made a comment about Agribition and it was favourtied!  That was nice to see.  (All of you Twitter pros probably wouldn’t get as excited as I:) )

This certainly was not an easy task.  I was trying to manage my mouse, the recoding, reading/singing the song while looking at the screen and pressing the apporpriate pages.  It took time for sure.  I think the 3 minute video actually took an hour and half to do.  I had to start and stop…. rewind… delete…try again many times!  You can see my mouse highlight and the awkward pauses but some I was unable to delete or fix up.


Here is a link the the Google Document I used.  As I got a good idea for a lyric, I used my Google Drive app on my phone to write it down.  I used the syllabus to remind me of the weeks people presented, the actual lyrics of All about that Bass.

Google Docs


Music by:

The music I found on Youtube.  Credit to PiaknowItAll.  He created piano tutorial for popular songs.  I needed one without lyrics.


Anyway, here is the video.  Take it with a grain of salt.  Appreciate the humour… you are the only ones who can truly appreciate it.


Thanks for the view!