Personal Digital Identity through Social Media

What is my Digital Identity and have I used it to its full capacity??

…. Here is where you will find me on the internet.



I use Twitter as a professional identity.  I have only had Twitter for 4 months and I know I am still not using it to its full capacity.  In typical “Kenna” fashion, I have found certain people I follow and continue to check.  I have not expanded my search on my own, only taking guidance from others that I follow.  I really enjoy following @isteconnects, the #edchat, #edtech, looking at what colleagues are typing, thinking on #ec1831, and running through the others.  I had mentioned in previous posts, I enjoy reading them and look at them daily but certainly my activity online would not show that.  I look, think, bring it to my staff and discuss in person and then think “Oh! I should retweet that, or favourite or do make a comment”.  I have had the most difficult time staying “connected” and sharing like so many others in our class.  I see quite a few people on Google+ who are posting and commenting regularly.  There is great collaboration with everyone. I am happy to be a part of the comments and posts on that… I suppose because it is something that only my class can see??




Facebook is something that I use for personal use.  I have never shared anything related to my career.  I hardly ever use it anymore.  I enjoy looking at pictures of friends, sending private messages but post nothing about my life anymore.




On my Kindergarten blog, which I have mentioned I am quite proud of, you do not see me.  The focus of the blog is everything that the Kindergarten’s do and we are both very proud of.  I am the operator of the blog but I am careful to not associate myself with the blog.

Digital Footprint

Photo Credit: Natesh Ramasamy via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Natesh Ramasamy via Compfight cc

I am a huge advocate of technology and technology in the classroom.  I am on my way to using it better.  The focus of this post is not on my classroom rather my own personal progress. When I started this course I thought I would embrace each of the materials presented without hesitation- trusting that this process is safe.  I believed I had but listening to Alec’s presentation in class this week brought to the surface my issue with privacy.  It has taken me a long time to wrap my head around being “safe” while connected on the internet.  It has been a lot of work to change my thinking – I am a very stubborn person.  I love reading them and watching videos like

and share it via email and then talk about it later with people.  My thoughts did not go to Twitter or Facebook butttt I posted this earlier on Google+ and that was one of the first posts I had written that got a response.  I actually felt connected!  I realized, honestly, the network you can create by expanding beyond four walls.  I know that seems silly especially since that is the course objective but it took me nearly 3 and half months to connect with the idea of through social media.

Finding Balance

I think I have unintentionally found balance.  I look at my colleagues and a bit of jealousy surfaces when I see how active they are.  I remind myself to take a step back and look at the progress I have made.  Finding balance was crucial for me because otherwise I could become overwhelmed with the content presented in the course.  What I enjoyed the most was the blog hub, and Google+.  It was nice to receive notifications of posts and activity that was happening in the course and reminded me to maintain activity and staying connected, which I believe was the purpose of those tools:)

I found this article: Social Media vs. Having a Life: 3 Ways to Strike a Balance.  Certainly a good read and encourages the reader to find a way to make social media work without taking over your life!  Point #1: Pick your Poison – “Don’t go willy-nilly into all social networks…”  For this course, I felt we needed to do that because I had to get connected to a few new networks!  I certainly do not regret them but if you look back to my post on needing help with Twitter I was not sure how to connect properly.  I knew my audience but I did not know how to reach them.

This weeks presentation really had me thinking about the progress I have made and the continued growth I can make.  It is easy for me to think about what I may not be using best (Twitter) but I am choosing to focus on what I have connected with and have found work best for me.  I look forward to making progress using these tools in my classroom and for personal use.


2 thoughts on “Personal Digital Identity through Social Media

  1. I appreciated what you had to say Kenna in finding balance. To me creating a social identity from scratch has also been overwhelming. Before this class I was non-existent on the internet. So in this class jumping in full steam ahead has been overwhelming and challenging. I think we all compare ourselves to others in the class and marvel at their abilities. However, I think that only we really know the progress we have made. I would say the most valuable experiences for me have been the exposure to blogging in general. I’ve used it with my class and even they have commented on how rewarding it has been to share their learning and to read the comments made by their classmates on their progress.

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