Major Project Reflection

In the beginning of the semester, I had set a goal for myself to make one or two blog posts a week on my classroom blog.  I have been able to maintain this goal until last week.  I struggled to find moments to upload.  After looking at my day plan from the week, I could see that there was nothing that was of great excitement to post.  I had emailed my parents and explained to them that not every week will there be content to post.  I had to be careful to explain that it is not because of the learning happening but the lessons didn’t need pictures, videos, or mention on the blog. Frankly, sometimes there is not enough hands to do all of those tasks in a day!  I did not have any parent comments or responses to the little content uploaded last week.


Fast forward a couple of days into this week and it is the opposite.  The Kindergarten’s have quite the itinerary lined up for them this week!  This means that I will need to be on top of the blog and make sure I do not forget anything.  I find that to be a bit overwhelming with the nature of the week – report cards, interviews, and volleyball.  Interviews and volleyball are outside of school time and I will not be able to do the work during the day.  I already have post its and notes in my day plan. It looks a little more organized that this for both the post it use and calendars but very busy still!


Photo Credit: Neena.Rée Kroll via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Neena.Rée Kroll via Compfight cc


All manageable!  Looking at the schedule and seeing any available time to sit down and do work on the blog is critical. Already today, I have posted the letter we are working on and the visits from Theresa at Visitation House.  The Kindergarten’s are doing a Christmas Service Project.  Check out the link to see how awesome these kids are:)




You can see here that even if there is time, computers have their own ideas!  It took several minutes to upload 17 pictures.  I suppose it teaches me not to rush through.  I tend to be a little more patient when there is time – as I am sure most people are.


I believe the only assistance i need this week is to get my categories working.  I have been choosing categories like ABC or Kindergarten so parents are able to click on the letters without leaving the home page.  I just noticed today when I was showing the kids that it doesn’t come up on the home page.  It just adds as a post.  I learned how to create categories but they will not direct you like it does on wordpress.  Is anyone a Weebly expert?  My searching has not given me any direction yet.

Thanks for reading:)  I am so excited that I have a project that I am enjoying and have figured out how to utilize it and not be TOO overwhelmed with updating it frequently.  I know it is important to the teachers…. and for myself.  I have enjoyed watching how the kids have grown and to know the “back story” to the pictures and see the progress!


My calendar picture will not move:)

Photo Credit: countableSet via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: countableSet via Compfight cc


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