Major Project Reflection

Parent Contact:

Katia had asked how I have been successful in communicating with the parents.  For the first month and a bit of school, my reflections were speaking of the concern of parent communication.  It is still a concern but fortunately I was able to connect with my parents on November the 7th and they were able to give me some feedback!  I struggle staying connected solely through the computer but often times it is our only option.  I arranged a Family Day to conclude the unit we had on LEGO.  When our family day started, I showed the families present our blog.  I commented on where they can make blog comments and highlighted the different pages available to them.

I had a very positive conversation with one of the parents.  She asked about a tool I had introduced at the beginning of the school year, ClassDojo.  She saw we were using it in the classroom and is now using it with her daughter at home.  This same parent said she was going to start her own personal blog as a way to connect with people in her life.  It was such a successful day.  I did have a realization.  I know that the best way for me to feel connected is through person to person contact.  I need to have the opportunity to speak to families directly.  Balance is everything!  We are not able to connect daily in person so this blog and emails certainly are helping me fill that void.

After the family day, the Kindergarten’s received a positive comment on the blog from one of the parents and our Vice Principal.




They were so excited to see someone make a comment!


I also learned, when talking to the parents, that on two of my pages you cannot make comments.  Those two pages happen to be the ones that are for the specific rooms.  I have played around and attempted to change the style from standard page to blog page but have not been successful, as it appears I will lose the content already on there.

This is an image of the blog page:


This is the standard page:



If you take not of the two pages, you will see that one has comments above the title of the post and one does not.  This was a mistake on my part and as I mentioned, I am currently trying to rectify it.  I will be putting this link into Google+.  I am fairly confident that someone will know how to fix my problem.  I would like to find way to fix this problem.  The resources and knowledge of blogging I have is not large enough for me to make the appropriate change.


I have noticed that my reflections have not gone as in-depth as they should. I think around mid October, I become comfortable with the process of loading, taking pictures, uploading,  posting, etc and just ignored any struggles or didn’t think to list the successes that were happening.  In the next few weeks, my goal is to pay more attention to the process instead of the project.  I am proud of my classroom blog and so are the students.  I am looking for ways to improve it and, as a result, have neglected the process.  I felt that creating the Wordles, Screencasts, and using pictures was helping reflect on my process but I see how it is more of using a tool. Here I am reflecting on my reflections!  Feeling a little disappointed that this far into the term it appears I have not been doing an adequate amount of work, all the while feeling successful using new tools!  It is a learning process right?  (even the process of reflecting)  With 3 weeks left, I am determined to go more in depth.


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