Why Blog?

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We have been tossing around the concepts of classroom blogging, student blogging, and professional blogging this semester.  We have been given many tools to help this become successful in our rooms.  My own personal project was to begin a classroom blog of my own, and this class was the proper motivation I needed to do so.  I am understanding through conversation that we each have our own concepts of what a blog looks like in our rooms.  I have enjoyed reading the progress of Justine Stephanson’s posts on her student blogs. Her recent post titled: Just Keep Blogging…Just Keep Blogging…Just Keep Blogging…Blogging…Blogging | Justine Stephanson’s Blog, is not only catchy – as I catch the movie reference- but continues to show the progress and learning for both her and students.  She is taking a different route.  She is giving control to her students and they are contributing to their blogs.  I admire that she is able to be patient enough to help her students with this task. This particular post also has an incredible amount of links to other blogs.

If you have been following my personal reflections on my project and previous posts, I have used my classroom blog for a different purpose.  It is more of an opportunity for communication and collaboration between parents, students and teacher.  Each of have a different role to contribute.  I, the teacher, upload and post the content.  The parents read, comment, and share with other people.  The student’s go home and remind… which could sound more like a nag… their parents to look at what they did at school.  They absolutely love seeing themselves in the pictures.  I am very careful to include all students in pictures but it has happened that I have forgotten some students.  Can you picture what that may look like on a 5 year old’s face when they cannot see themselves????!?!??!?!


Portrait of a little girl. She is crying - stock photo


And then I look like this:

Mother comforting her crying little girl - parenthood concept - stock photo

followed by a post with a few more pictures of that child…. Kind of stressful!

To avoid this, I have not put in a better system and explain to the children that everyone will be seen just not always every post.

Between our rooms we have two different methods but I do think they are serving the purpose we are both trying to create.  I am enjoying the process of blogging in my classroom and in the new year will look to involve the students more!

I have been reflecting on why I want to have students create a post, even just one.  I want them to be proud and see their own progress; to share their progress and be accountable for their learning.  The article, Content Delivery in the “Blogosphere”, was a recommended read for this course in September.   The article has 4 main reasons why students should blog:

1.The use of blogs helps students become subject matter Experts.

2. The use of blogs helps increase students interest and ownership in learning

3.The use of blogs gives students legitimate chances to participate

4.The use of blogs gives students opportunity for diverse perspectives, both within and outside the classroom.


As I have been reflecting and thinking of ways to collaborate with the students, this article came into mind.  I am thinking I may do some buddy work to help and add some additional hands.I know the progress is happening and even more can help.  Also, with extra help, I will likely get this student:

Portrait of a beautiful and confident girl showing thumbs up isolated one white - stock photo

when they see what they can create.

So why do we blog?  We blog for success, progress, accountability, community, collaboration, happiness… any other words?!?! So to quote Justine Stephanson -“Just keep blogging… Just keep blogging.. Just keep blogging, blogging, blogging” 😉

Thanks for reading!  As always, if any of you who teach primary have similar stories or suggestions – I am all ears… eyes really;)



3 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. Hey Kenna – Make sure that you’re using non-copyright images in your blog – images from Creative Commons (as we discussed in class) are a good option. Also, work on linking to other articles that you’ve read that relate to this class. Make sure you’re providing evidence that you are reading widely!

    • I thought I was using the proper copyright tools… I have been using Compfight and clicking on Creative Commons when I search. I noticed on others blogs that they have photocredit under their picture but mine often appear as a link. This past week’s post was using shutters hock because that is all i could find for my thoughts. I will keep playing around but it would appear I am missing a step.

      Also, are you wanting reading referred to in every post? I have only done it in a couple. Only a few more weeks to go and I would really like to make the appropriate changes.
      Thanks for the feedback.

  2. I am glad that you were able to relate to my blog post. Thank for your positive comments and feedback in your blog. It means a lot! I like you idea of having your buddies help your students. I am thinking about getting our buddies to help us out too! It is nice having an extra set of hands!

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