Major Project Reflection

Week 9.. or 10 (My goodness time flies!!)


I went a different route for my reflection this week.  My thoughts are coming together about my blog and I had positive feedback from parents this week…. even conversation about starting their own personal blog.  Some of the tools that I put on the blog they asked how to use for home – SUCCESS!!!!!  I actually had to contain my excitement when really I wanted to high five my students mom 🙂  I have been concerned that my families have not been using the blog because of lack of comments.  When my families came in this week, I learned they were sharing but didn’t always feel they needed to comment.  I spoke to them about making comments because it does excite the students when they see feedback from others – not just their teacher.


Anyway,  I created this “wordle”. requires Javascript, which was not working on my computer.  I took this opportunity to search for other sites similar to wordle.  I came across Tagxedo.  When you drag your mouse over the words, it raises them to see them a little more clear.  IT did not work when I saved it.  I have embedded the code.  The image of all of my key thoughts, which is the purpose of the wordle, is here but if you click on the link it will take you to the page where it shows the best image.





Direct Link 🙂


Thanks for reading and sharing in my reflection journey… I am excited that many of the tools I am using from this class I can use on my classroom blog – now I need to find a way to use this so my Kindergarten’s can read it.  I am thinking just letters 🙂


2 thoughts on “Major Project Reflection

  1. Kenna – it would be great if you linked your class blog to your personal blog in some way. And it would be great if you make connections between your reflections and your class blog – refer/link to specific posts, etc. Try to go deeper in your reflections – talk more about the process of creating the blog – what else have you tried to get parent involvement?

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I will work on describing my reflection in greater detail. I certainly feel reflective but there is always room for improvement.

    How can I link my classroom blog to my personal blog?

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