New tools to try – Digital Storytelling

On a colleagues, Andrea Needer, recent post she focused on digital story telling and what she has done with her children at home and how she will make it work in her classroom.  It is an excellent post and certainly directed me in a similar direction with my classroom. My classroom will be going to Canadian Western Agribition.  Each student will be going with a family member and as Andrea was typing about how it is nice to put those memories into a story, I thought it would be such a great memory for my families and students if I created a digital story from this event.  I am going to use Magisto  as my first tool to try digital story telling.



Here is a first attempt of a Magisto.  I will have to play around with a few different styles.

I also posted the videos onto our classroom blog.  It was a fun tool to use!



Anyone who has used it before… how do I avoid the zoom in to my lovely classroom background?


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