Learning through Twitter

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I am attempting to connect with other educators throughout the world through Twitter.  While looking at my feed earlier this week I saw ISTE being re-tweeted.  I quickly “googled” it to learn of its relevance to Education…. turns out it stands for International Society for Technology in Education.  Having never heard of this organization before in one day I have read two separate articles.  Old me would say, “Oh, neat.  A new site”  but new Twitter me is saying, “Retweet this!  Favourite this!  Share this!”  I am so proud of myself 🙂  I am still not using it as much as I would like but I enjoyed feeling connected and certainly making improvements.


Anyway,  the tweet


really got me thinking.  I clicked on the video and point number three is what stuck with me.  Getting people on the same page.  The speaker talks about how parents, teachers, and peers all have different ideas of using technology.  We each have a confused idea of what it looks like to be a digital citizen.  She says that it is okay we are on separate pages but we need to be aware that we are and cannot ignore the other.  If you read or watch my reflections I am continually repeating myself and asking about ways to communicate effectively with parents.

It seems that at the age of 5 and 6 the children know how to use the tools but are using them as entertainment rather than learning.  This is not to suggest that all 5 and 6 year old use them as toys but in my classroom many of the students need a tremendous amount of support.  Many of my students ask me how to pull up a YouTube video or to play games….  teaching parents and students about different ways to use technology seems to be a new goal I am creating.  I do not think it is intentional but I may be assuming my way is the right way.   I am just so eager and excited to use the tools I am learning!

How do we get on the same page?

I am starting small: Making plugs where I can, asking parents what they use at home, and how they use their technology,  I am receiving some feedback but certainly I want them to feel connected to our classroom.  I post links that  can be used at home to extend learning – we want to be on the SAME PAGE  My hope is that they will share our blog and their child’s learning with their families in different parts of the world.  Isn’t that incredible???  Their grandparents who live in a different country can be a part of their child’s learning and progress as well.  Pretty exciting:)


Image search for notebook free / Compfight / A Flickr Search Tool// //



I am making progress with Twitter.  I would not have found this article had I not been on it.  A small victory as I am connecting outside of my comfort zone and finding it less intimidating as well.  If you do not already, follow @isteconnects to connect on #edchats and other passionate educators.  Thanks for reading 🙂 



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