Managing Twitter as Professional Development




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After Tuesday’s class, I noticed in all areas I am working hard to incorporate the tools we are learning and other tools I find along the way.  The one area where I am struggling is with Twitter.  It is not natural to post my thoughts publicly.  I often make comments to others about what I see – I check it frequently – but I seek a personal response instead of the response I can from Twitter.  I see many of my colleagues using Twitter as a tool and doing it successfully.  How long did it take some of you to get going or “addicted” to Twitter??


I have been doing some of my own research looking for research that supports Twitter as Professional Development and networking.  I came across one that is much easier to follow and has the links easy to access.  It is called: Twitter for Education.  A site like this provides you with many options and I think I need to really make a decision on what I want Twitter to be.  I know Twitter will not be a personal form of social media, rather a professional one.  I have mentioned many times, that I am a Kindergarten teacher.  I just put into the search button on Twitter:  Kindergarten.  a few things popped up.  But that is another thing I do not know well… how do you properly search on Twitter?  I found #kinderchat and certainly liked all of the items shared on the page.  …… Can you see my brain spiraling????


Networking.. Expanding:

I cannot believe all of the material on using Twitter in the workplace and as a professional tool.  In an article titled, “Twitter as a Learning Tool, Really!”, the author quotes Michelle Lentz, saying: Lentz recommends that you follow your choice of interesting people for a while, and then send a direct message to a few of them, using the @username format, to introduce yourself and join a conversation. Before long, you can begin building a support group. Twitter is not for everyone, says Lentz. “It’s good for mobile, on-the-go people who can learn anywhere,” she says.  This seems fairly straight forward but my natural instinct to wait to be invited is kicking in.  To be honest, that makes me incredibly nervous.  How do you muster up the courage to ask people you have never met questions about your workplace, school environment, education, or anything else!  I think the correct word would be vulnerable.  Like a said, I need to find the best way to make it work for me.  I am seeking a challenge and this certainly is giving me one. I am sure many of you who are strong on Twitter think this is a little silly.  My thoughts are, if I share my struggle perhaps with enough suggestions there will be one or two I connect with??  That being said, I do want to use this a tool to expand my knowledge in best practices for Kindergarten.  I am open! This is not meant to sound like I have made up my mind and am afraid of Twitter.


I would like to have a post in the future talking about my new successes with Twitter, so this is my honest plea for help:)  Send me a tweet @kennadn or comment on here.  Maybe you will have found this post because of a tweet and that I will consider a success – now to get to it!!


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