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It took 4 years to set up a classroom blog but I have finally done it.  I have been contemplating this for a couple of years.  I have been waiting for the “perfect time”.  Last year, after struggling with communication with families I realized…. there is no perfect time.  If I am going to do it – DO IT NOW!


This page will serve as a reflective page as I attempt to create the most practical blog for my classroom.


Week 1:

I ran into an issue with hitting and fighting on the playground.  After a conversation with a concerned parent with my approach in the classroom and what I do to assist with playground issues, I decided to upload the lesson and video I used for the families at home.  I felt that it was both of our responsibilities and it is important to continue the conversation from school to home.


Week 2:  Running into issues with internet permissions and parent support.  I am using this site to communicate with families and so continually encouraging the families through email to view our blog and to fill out the internet permission forms so we can see some awesome things happening in the classroom.  I am thinking I will just make note of those who do not have theirs in yet and begin posting on the pages.  I want the information to be relative and exciting for the parents and kids.  The kids LOVE to see each themselves and tell stories about what they are doing.


Week 3: We are beginning to enter into more content choices from our course.  Often what happens to me during this time is a feeling of being overwhelmed and attempting to do some of everything presented.  My mind is continually thinking about better ways to provide a unique learning experience for the students.  I know it can be done but I have to remind myself to slow down… focus on the goal.  As of now my goal is to set up and create a blog that is interactive and functional.  Serving function for both parents and students as well as myself.  I want parents to enjoy the process and learning with me.  We talk about student assessment with student blogs but I am not there yet.  What is a good practice for monitoring if your site is serving the purpose you want?


So far, it is still at a stand still for student content.  I have pictures and captions ready to go but I am waiting for internet permission forms.  I suspect that when I show the students the site with their pictures and work on it, the site will become more of what I want.


Week 4:

I am finally moving forward!  I just posted pictures onto the separate class pages!  Very excited 🙂 I am facing some issues though… I cannot seem to upload videos.  It says I need to pay for an upgrade to upload HD videos.  I use Weebly as my account and currently reading the pages to find a way to upload video.  I am very persistant and hopeful that I can come up with something.


Sue Waters has suggested that I look for email notifications to have for my parents – this is something I certainly will look for!  Communication is my goal 🙂



Week 6:

I realized last night as I was falling asleep that I hadn’t been writing in the reflection part of my project last week!  I have been remembering to maintain and communicate to my students and families about the blogs.  I am building a routine that will work but me but periodically something is missed.  My goal is to post 1-2 times per week but a week like this in school, it may be every day.  It has been gorgeous outside, exciting things happening in the walls of the school, and I find I have my camera on hand a bit more.  If I keep it out, I will take more pictures and the students are even noticing it more.  They have become excited about the website and love seeing themselves on the screen.  I am one of the last people to remember to bring a camera – I am proud of doing it yesterday:  This is from my blog


DSCN5871        DSCN5877


Anyway, this is a glimpse into my thought process.  I just sent out a tweet requesting for comments.  My thinking is that perhaps the parents will see comments and make their own!  We will see…. check in later for progress update:)



Week 7:


Here is my reflective/informative screencast.  This was the practice for what will become a “real” one on my classroom blog.  It does take time to teach yourself the new tool but it was quick after I got it.   I am finding more an more that the students are excited about their blog.  They are familiar with their expectations and even asking for pictures so they can share them with their family.  I still have no comments from family members but I am hopeful that they are viewing and looking at the blog.  I am having them all in next week… I will take a few moments to make a little plug;)


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