EC&I 381 – Extremely Communicative and Informative!

I enjoy scrolling through and reading everyone’s blogs in EC&I 381.  A theme really came to the forefront for me this week – selflessness! I noticed this week is that many of my classmates in EC&I 381 are spending a lot of their time, which I am sure is very limited, offering help through screencasts, step by step information, and inviting us to other PD opportunities.  I am very thankful for this opportunity and appreciate the network people are creating.  I am also feeling like I need to contribute!

So here it goes!  Classroom Management Help:)

The beginning of every school year is very overwhelming with new division initiatives, assessments, new students, new school…. whatever your “new” is.  Here are some helpful tools that I have found to be successful in my classroom.




We use ClassDojo for transitions, good behaviour incentive, and credit to any outstanding behaviours.  Students have a difficult time with new routines and typically are high in energy and this is a visual we use to collect points and earn a reward at the end of the week.  When we first began using ClassDojo it was daily.  I really praised the behaviours that I wanted to see and the students who were in need of reminders of good behaviour changed their “tune” when they noticed other peoples points rising and not their own.  You can see from the image that the points vary.  The goal I set in teh room was the entire class get to 10.  Students who achieved it first were asked to encourage the behaviours we want to see in others and continue to demonstrate.










GoNoodle is a brain break website designed to help with energy levels!  In my room we do an energy break (energizer) and follow it with a calming.  It is so awesome to hear Kindergartens speak about how they need to calm down to help them learn.  They typically come in from recess high in energy and have found this to be useful to bring them back down to a place to learn.


These two sites are extremely user friendly. You just need to sign up for the accounts – I have even got some parents using ClassDojo at home with their kids:)


Again, thank you for your contributions.  I am going to leave you with this awesome story.

We are busy in our school forming Disciples of Christ.  We have an amazing student body filled with eagerness  to make a difference in people’s lives.  Today was Pajama day, which I am currently still in ;), and the students were asked to bring 2 dollars (or more) for Teddy Bears Anonymous .  You can also check out my blog to see more of the activity in the school: Miss Nelson’s Kinders.  Anyway,  when one of the teachers was counting the money at the end of the day she noticed a bag with 2 loonies and a tooth in it.



At first, we were really surprised but we realized that this student gave the money he or she got from the Tooth Fairy for Teddy Bears Anonymous.  This student thought about another child in need and gave away what probably was very exciting to receive – a true act of discipleship.  Very sweet and very simple.


I guess what I am saying is that I appreciate the selflessness shown by the EC&I 381 class and the amazing students at school.


Let me know if this was at all helpful – you are all “tech savvy” and so I have no doubt that you will be able to figure it out!


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