Calling all helpppppppp…….

I believe I attempt to be scholarly, reflective, connected, and all qualities necessary to be a great student ( enter wink ) but oh my – from the past weeks session I am feeling wayyyyy behind in technology!  There is so much and it is all neat and quite innovative.  It is a process! I will get there – we all will.

Wow…. I thought I had a handle on using Google Docs but now I have been introduced to many new avenues!  Thanks @mwacker.  I have been using the tools presented in previous classes to implement directly into my Kindergarten room.  This week my mind is shifting to staff and potentially revamping the way I send documents… but first I need to review the process.  I found this link. It is a different tutorial but still refreshed some materials that @mwackers showed us. Trying to be helpful to anyone who may need it.


Time to process, play and discover how I can best utilize this tool right now in my career.  I am thinking I am logging this one to memory and will be using it the future with upper grades!!! During discussion from class there were a few who mentioned they use google docs with the high school and middle years classes. – Thanks everyone for your input!





One thought on “Calling all helpppppppp…….

  1. I feel your sentiment when you say you are feeling way behind. Me too! I seem to fall in love with one tech idea, then by the time I get it implemented, another one is creeping up. I am struggling with the debate of mastering a couple tools, or dabbling in all of them!

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