Benefits of Blogging

– I always need to make my blog posts immediately following class because my thoughts are fresh:) I am enjoying the speakers and they are certainly making the wheels turn!

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This weeks post is rather vague but as per usual I will bring it back to what is at the forefront of my current practice.  Blogging gives students (in this case I am referring to us as students as well) a voice.  Many of us are learning or relearning the practice of blogging.  Maybe some of you are like myself and, at times, feel overwhelmed and unqualified to offer advice, comments, etc to another colleague.  Some of us have demonstrated a strong understanding of technological content thus far and I am feeling a bit out of practice.  I am going to attempt to put on my “teacher” hat and offer the feedback we are asking for.   I know that with my own students I am not afraid to give feedback and I want to use this process of blogging as a stepping stone to improve my own practices for my room and if it were possible in the future to begin doing it with my students.  I really feel that is something that would happen in the future but with the amount of information @suewaters is sharing I can begin to change my process.


Another point that was presented was the different types of blogs and what they are used. It had me reflect on the purpose of my classroom blog: Miss Nelson’s Kinders.

Miss Nelson's Kinders

The purpose of my blog is to communicate to with parents, families, and students about our classroom.  I want the Kindergarten’s to celebrate the successes they are having.  They do not have their own separate blogs but I am collecting evidence of each student’s success to post on the blog.  I believe the students will still feel a sense of ownership!

Sue Waters shared Kathy Cassidy’s   blog she has created with and for her students.  Her intention is for global communication and expanding the minds of her six year olds and WOW that is truly amazing.  It is quite neat to look through the site and see the connectedness and community these children have created.  Again, I have to stop and collect my thoughts.  This is certainly possible with the Kindergarten’s but I will have to begin on a much smaller scale, become familiar with the process and then create!  Hence, the paragraph ahead and using this as a part of my learning process.


“Blogging isn’t publishing! It’s about social learning.”  Social learning it is!  I am seeing different approaches, reflections, narratives, and communication just from our class!  Keep making comments and I will do the same!  – Thanks for reading:)





4 thoughts on “Benefits of Blogging

  1. It is a very social activity, learning is. I like how you are looking at your own practice and how it presently is working and ways you can change and grow as a learner and a teacher. It’s important to remember that some people, like Kathy Cassidy, have been doing this for a while and have worked through a great many different issue and glitches themselves. Your starting point or where you are shouldn’t be measured against where others are at or what they are doing and your own path will not be the same. Good luck with our blogging and your learning.

  2. Hi Kenna

    The most common use of kindergarten blogs is exactly how you are using it “to communicate to with parents, families, and students about our classroom.” Most kindergarten blogs focus on sharing information on what is happening in class and to share the students’ work with parents and families. Classes with teachers assistants will get their assistants and students to help take photos of student work and help with uploading it to the blog. Occasionally you’ll see a few kindergarten blogs connect with other classes but it is less common.

    I’m not sure if you are able to add embed code to Weebly blogs, however if you are able to, younger students love the virtual pet widgets. In the right sidebar of this demo blog you will see a virtual pet widget ( ). Often teachers get their students to help choose which virtual pet they will add to their sidebar and the name of their virtual pet.

    Helping parents and families connect with your class blog can be a challenge. I’m not sure if you’ve had issues with this but we get numerous parents emailing us trying to find their child’s class blog. If you are able to set up email subscription so they are notified of new posts it helps. Here are some other ideas that help –

    Sue @suewaters

    • Thanks so much for the links! This was very beneficial for me and I have already been able to send out the email for subscribing to the blog. The parents will be able receive their updates! Thanks for a great class:)

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