Community as Curriculum

This week our presenter, Dave Cormier, made many different points but a comment or point that stood out for me was community as curriculum. After doing some more research on the internet to gain a greater understanding….. I came across his blog!  Rhizomatic Education shares his journal article on much of what he was talking about in class.  This is his starting point and it is interesting to read and now listen to how his theories have evolved.

Community as Curriculum:

Community as curriculum happens by interacting with each other and creating a network that can help us learn and grow as teachers and educators.  Cormier discusses the importance of networking to assist in our learning and as a result the learning of our students.   This course is an example of how we are doing just that.  I am still overwhelmed by posting and keeping up on Twitter, Google+, our blogs, and chats during classes but I have great confidence that I will walk away with a new network and direction that can help me further in my classroom and career.  We are used to, still, a traditional approach of learning where teacher talks, students listens, and questions are answered when appropriate.

We each have our strengths and our networking allows us to pull from others strengths to create the best learning for our students.  I will spend more time reflecting on this concept but I am going to close with Cormier’s words, “Through involvement in multiple communities where new information is being assimilated and tested, educators can begin to apprehend the moving target that is knowledge in the modern learning environment.” – All of the different avenues we are learning in class should help us to form stronger communities and networks.



3 thoughts on “Community as Curriculum

  1. -My apologies for lack of flow… my brain will not slow down and I cannot seem to stop it – #septemberbrain.
    I am going to plug that into Twitter and see who else is on the same page:)

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