Benefits of blogging

I am looking for support and evidence that blogging is a strong form of communication for both parents and students.  A list of articles were presented to our EC&! 831 class.  The title of this article: Using Blogging in Support of Teacher Professional Identity Development, grabbed my attention immediately. It is a long read and I will look back at this article again to take in more information but for now this is what I have absorbed:)  The researcher, April Lynn Leuhmann, presents some interesting research as to why a teacher has benefited from using a blog and how her students became more attached to what they were doing as a result.  The teacher who was involved in this study only posted on average about once a week.  That number does not seem as intimidating to me as a daily post.

At times, I feel overwhelmed and scared at the thought of spending too much time blogging or integrating technology.  Balance is key and learning is a process… I am confident that I can, once again, embrace this process and create some balance.


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