Reflection and New Beginnings

I am in my last few days of post-secondary education…. what a feeling.  I have been thinking about ways that I will be communicating using my blog if I no longer have things to reflect on.  So much of what I think about right now is how everything I am learning in school applies to my life in the classroom.  I want to continue on the journey of building my blog and posting things that are inspirational or create some sort of discussion.

Reflecting on all of the tools that we learned about in ECMP 355 a new one that I was introduced to is something called Glogster.  This is an interactive poster and one of my classmates, Bethann, did a great job using Glogster summarizing useful tools we learned about.  (Click on her name and watch the video, it is really well done!)


I am thinking, I need help finding a new purpose for blogging.  A focus for the summer perhaps?  I am open to ideas but staying within the bracket of something productive and fun!  I want people to keep checking out my blog, so help me to post things that are meaningful to both me and you!  Post your comments and give me suggestions!!!!


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