We need to de-stress

I was reading one of my friends blogs and she is talking about the stress and procrastination of a teacher.  She explains in one of her posts what that is doing to schools in the U.S.  Are we there yet?  I would say we are not.  Right now, our lives are busy.  We are go go go all day long and we may or may not get time to rest.  I am confident in saying that our lives will be that way for a while until we figure out how we will work our classrooms and build relationships with students, parents, and teachers.

Life IS busy.  We know that at an early age but we still own our lives and we are capable of making healthy decisions to de-stress.  I have debated on whether or not to post the very popular Rebecca Black video and song.  I have decided, yes.  I will!  She is providing us with a song that really is just saying, RELAX! Life is good! Enjoy!

What should you take away from this post?

1) A renewed self…… really just a moment not focused on how stressful life is

2) Inspiration of how we can view life.

3) A GREAT song heading into the weekend….. in three days! We live in hope.



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