Computer class is often enjoyable for me but I am beginning to become overwhelmed with the amount of technology and tools there are associated with.  We are in the process of creating our final projects, while maintaining our blogs, while thinking about which method we would like to showcase for our final reflection!  EEEPPP!! It frightens me a bit.  I am confused and concerned that I am focusing on the wrong things while working on my blog (image, and delivery) maybe I should be more concerned with the content and how much there is.  I am on it more than one time a day but when I look at my blog it does not seem that way.  It appears to be very ‘elementary’ still.  Readers, I assure you I am trying my hardest to make this blog enjoyable with image, delivery, and content.

Anyway, to get back on my comment about feeling overwhelmed I am concerned with choosing the right media. Alec briefly showed this web page and talked about “The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less”.  I often feel this when trying to find resources for the classroom or for assignments.  Can anyone else relate?  Does reading information about choice help or does it make you more confused and overwhelmed?  These questions relate to anyone in life.  It does not have to be with education, alone.  It can be parenting advise, sports advise, technology, any aspect of your life that is important.

I am interested to hear how people feel…. I will wait for responses!


3 thoughts on “OVERWHELMED!

  1. Hey Kenna, I’m not entirely sure I am going the right direction with this but here goes.

    As a fairly tech savvy grade four teacher, I find tons of things that I could do with my students. I would never complain about not having enough resources to teach with because the internet is huge and rather overwhelming.

    So much of teaching is – and has to be – routine. New ideas can’t mess with routine because kids need to have an expectation of how each day will go. What I mean is, if you decide that in science they are going to end each day writing two sentences about the class, don’t mess that up by doing an activity where they don’t have to write the sentences.

    Make everything purposeful but not flashy.

    Ps. We are doing worm composting, the kids love it! They have spent a week of science classes learning how to take care of the worms and making a manual!

  2. Hey Sister,

    I,for one,often feel like more is less. When I go on the internet to look for advice on alot of different topics…..from parenting to exercise to weight loss….a wide variety of topics, I find you can get whatever answers you want. If I am wondering about when to start feeding my babies solids,all I have to do is type it into google, scroll down to the answer I like best,and there you go!!I “researched” it! If I want to know if eating meat is good for you or if Vegan is the way to go, type it into google, and pick whatever you want. I find that going on the internet often leaves me with more questions that answers!!!! But at the end of the day as long as I remember that the internet is only there as a resource and not as the bible, then I am okay!! ha ha does this make any sense at all??

  3. Kenna I also feel the same way about our computer class. I feel a little like I am going down a river without any paddles. I do think that this might have something to do with our limited and a little aprehensive view of technology.I have learned a great many things, and am still fiddling and trying to figure things out, sometimes not so successfully. I think the important thing to remember is after these next three weeks are over, that technology and all the other THEORY we have learned is meant to be a guide to our teaching practice. You are still going to be able to go into a classroom and be fantastic whether or not you can opperate all of this technological stuff. 3 weeks my friend, 3 little baby weeks.

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