Are Teacher’s Valued Enough?

I was reading on a friends blog and her title

Teacher…..or Glorified Baby Sitter? really caught my eye.  The article, Are you Sick of Highly Paid Teachers?, is an interesting title.  It draws the reader in with an assumption of what the article will be about what teachers make and probably how they are paid too much money (that was why I read it).  The article actually gives a different perspective that I think is worth reading.  I feel it really puts into perspective what I teacher does and why we should be valued in society. To those of you who are unaware of the work that teachers do (at no fault) we do work a Monday-Friday, holidays and summer off job with roughly 6 hours of teaching but to a dedicated teacher it stems much beyond that.  Many teachers plan on weekends, after school, holidays, summer holidays, etc all to ensure that their students are receiving the best education.  This is the teacher I want to be.  These are the people I admire; selfless, caring, and empowering!  Any parent who is uncertain, I encourage you to ask your child’s teacher questions and communicate.  A well planned teacher will be able to tell you how they are giving the best quality of education to your child. Perhaps, this will put more value on the teaching profession.

Teachers: Parents:  What is your reaction?  Do you disagree?  Do you feel that we are paid for the amount of work we do?

I am interested in responses!


One thought on “Are Teacher’s Valued Enough?

  1. Beginning teachers are grossly UNDERPAID for the work they do. I suggest you go to a beginning teacher and ask them to calculate roughly how many hours / month they put in to teach the 5.5 hours / day in their classroom. Divide that by their monthly salary. I’m betting that it won’t be minimum wage.

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