Tech Task #2


This image is to portray a fear that I have of too much technology being used that we may forget about all of the other places we can effectively learn as well.

Question: How can you plan for the day(s) when the Internet is turned off, the technology is unavailable, and your learning environment is radically un-empowered? How might your learners choose to cope?

My initial response to this question is: Welcome to rural Saskatchewan!   Growing up in rural Saskatchewan we had access to the internet but it was not a focus of our learning because of the frustrations of time and delays that occurred. We did not use the computers the same as they are used in the classroom today.  I admit that times have changed and this is the new development of the classroom.  I am not suggesting that technology not be used but I am suggesting that the classroom can still manage without it for a day, a week, or perhaps more.

I believe in an approach to teaching using multiple teaching strategies.  Technology is one teaching strategy.  During the week or day that there is no technology I would suggest using learner centred lessons, or creating different hands on activities, going outside for the lessons, and many other strategies.  It can be overwhelming to think of the different approaches you can do because those are also strategies that would be encouraged on a daily basis as well.  As we know though, the teaching world is very unpredictable and we must always be ready with 30 back up plans.

How will they cope?

Research conducted in the States asked students how they felt about technology in the classroom.  The researchers were surprised to find that a large number said they did not prefer technology in the classroom.  The researchers had assumed that technology would be a must have for these individuals.  Simply asking our students how they learn best is probably the best approach for their learning.  One year you may have students who prefer the use of technology and the next you may not.

To conclude, I will simply use different strategies to teach my students.  I am a firm believer in hands on activity and creating opportunities to learn using your body and moving.  I believe that students will cope just fine.  The question asks about day or days and so I am assuming that at some point there is still opportunity to learn using technology which I do feel is important.


One thought on “Tech Task #2

  1. Hi Kenna! Just wanted to share – I heard something on the radio yesterday about how children between the ages of 7-12 (or something like that) spend an average of 9 hours on technology during a normal day. Studies have shown that children who spend more time on technology actually have difficulties empathizing with people and recognizing facial emotions because they are spending less actual ‘face-time’ with people. Interesting. I love using technology as a tool in the classroom, but this just proves that no strategy is perfect.

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