Tech Task #1

I grew up on a farm near a small town: Cabri, SK.  I have 6 sisters, 1 brother, 3 brothers-in-law, 1 sister-in-law, 2 nieces, and 7 nephews!  A great deal of my spare time is spent catching up with all of my family at various family events. I have a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Lethbridge and so, even more excited to complete my second degree and start my career.
I have a difficult time learning about technology because it can take some time to master a skill.  I use technology, as we all do, on a daily basis.  I do not have a create side or patience to make amazing powerpoints, videos, and other various things that are done on a computer.  I admire those who can and seek them out when I need help!

I recently completed my internship where the classroom I was in had a Smartboard.  I was very nervous to try and incorporate this new tool into my lessons.  After watching my cooperating teacher, who also was not comfortable with technology, use it in her lessons I began to think about how I could do the same.  The students really respond to technology and always enjoyed interactive lessons on the board.  We were usually able to have them use the board everyday.  We showed many videos and images to create more well rounded lessons.  I do have reservations about children using technology so frequently but I did come to realize that it really benefited those students who learned that way.  I began to introduce options using technology  where every student had to learn it but later they were given the choice to do assignments with or without it.  I feel technology is a tool for teaching.

I simply want to learn how to use programs properly and ways to teach them to my students in a manner that does not create stress or frustration.  I find that a lot of tools on the computer are expected to be known but are never clearly taught.  I can be very entertained by technology but can quickly forget what I have learned so if I ask a lot of questions I am asking for the instructor to be patient. I will learn, I just need time!


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